As you could have read about in our outdoor sports article, Loano’s surroundings have much to offerPreviously we have specifically addressed climbing and trekking, but today we would like to explore mountain biking, paragliding and snorkeling.

Mountain Bike and Downhill

Liguria and Loano’s area are ideal to practice those sports, we can actually find several starter tracks made for newcomers. The itineraries are many, suitable for traditional mountain biking, as well as for those who prefer downhill, a discipline that implies the descent of very steep slopes with natural and artificial obstacles, like jumps, holes, rocks and roots.

Where are the most famous and popularly rode tracks?

– Downhill Men

This route starts from the locality called Manie, easily accessible from Finale Ligure and it follows the path of the well-known downhill race that usually took place in Varigotti until 2006. Starting from 2014, it is part of the renown Enduro World Series track. At the roadside, it is possible to enjoy panoramic view glimpses of Varigotti, a really picturesque village, and it provides awesome views on Finale Ligure surroundings, too. The trail is really stirred and it features rocky sections. Indeed, it is considered as one of the most technical tracks in the area.

– Ascent to Mt. Carmo

This track, that we suggested you as a trekking route in the past, is also viable on mountain bike. Starting from the center of Pietra Ligure and continuing until Giustenice’s ward, it follows the marked path to Mt. Carmo. Thereafter comes a steep climbing section that gets to the pass of Giustenice and, after that, Mt. Carmo: the view is astonishing, in the most sunny and clear days it is likely to sight the Corsica and Elba isles and, by the coast, you can look from above at Pietra and Loano towns.

– Verzi’s ponds

Typical ride for bike addicts, it offers stunning views; it is mandatory to stop at the ponds of Loano’s ward (Verzi).

For additional information on the viable tracks in Loano’s area and in all Liguria, we suggest you to visit Wikiloc and Liguria Adventure.


It is, without doubt, one of the most extreme activities that let a man fulfill his innate dream: the dream of flight. Actually in the easiest way, without the help of engines, but utilizing the power of air. In the surroundings of Loano, the only places where is possible to practice this sport are Finale Ligure, Bergeggi and Spotorno.

For those who would like to take on the thrill of flying on the sea, we recommend you to have a look at Liguria Adventure, it offers an interesting comprehensive package,  with video footage and insurance included.



The depths of the Ligurian Sea deliver unparalleled beauties, as well as the discovery of the underwater fauna and flora. But that’s not everything: there’s also the chance to dive in search of ship wreckages. Remarkably famous are the marine parks of Loano, Bergeggi, Portofino and Gallinara’s island. 

The latter is absolutely interesting for it’s fauna and flora that can be appreciated easily at a maximum of depth of 22 meters; a stop at the “Christ of the abyss”, placed on the seabed in 1998, is compulsory. For the ones who love navy archeology, a visit at the wreckage of an ancient roman ship is a valid option. From this ship, about 1300 amphorae were salvaged.

The small island of Bergeggi, a treasure of marine biodiversity, extends for about 2 sqkm and it has become Natural Marine Reserve (Area Marina Protetta) in 2007. The viable paths on the seabed, with scuba tank and swimfins, are: “the Piper”, night excursion, “the Narrrow gorge” and “the Shoal of Gronchi”, naturalistic paths.  

For those interested in this fascinating activity, we kindly suggest you to cotnactm the experts of the Marina Diving Center in Loano

We are sure that, given the wide spectrum of outdoor sports available in our pretty proximities, you won’t get bored!