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Festivals and events in the Savona area

In August, summer comes alive, between festivals and events that are organized in big cities as well as in small villages. Today we review the most interesting festivals that will be held in the province of Savona, including excellent food, good music and historical settings.

Ai Pozzi Village Hotel and Residence is the ideal place to stay for a relaxing holiday in Liguria. You can enjoy the sea and the beautiful hinterland during the day and participate in the events and festivals that we are about to illustrate in the evening, to have fun and try the culinary specialties of our magnificent region.


Medieval Cairo 2019

The most famous medieval festival of Liguria has now reached the seventeenth edition. The theme of this year’s edition is the figure of the woman, whose evolution through the centuries is told, thanks to the words of one of the greatest poets and writers of all time: Dante Alighieri. In fact, he described in his Divine Comedy female characters with such delicacy and depth that they remained emblematic and immortal.

From Tuesday 6th to Saturday 10th August the streets of Cairo will be animated by shows and traveling artists, stalls and food and wine stands.

Between the two show areas where the events will take place, in Piazza della Vittoria and Piazza XX Settembre, there will be a succession of different exhibitions. In particular you can watch the show “Women” – Tuesday 6 August at 9.45 pm in Piazza della Vittoria – which combines three artistic expressions: dance, music and painting. Paintings will be created which will later be auctioned and the proceeds will go to charity on Telefono Donna.

There will be acrobats with the Acrobats of the Village, jugglers like the Giullari di Spade and the I Giullari del Carretto between throwing knives and balancing acts, fire eaters like the Mercenaries of the Middle Ages, Fachira Sharon and the Magician Oniveres with their magic, illusions, fakirism and snakes boa, they will perform alternating every night.

The musical groups that will keep the party alive are the Rota Temporis with their engaging music and the Three Onions with a much more ironic and playful style.

Even the dance will occupy a very important space with performances by ASD la Danza è by Irene Bove and Atmosfera Danza by Gabriella Bracco.

The little ones will have fun with shows dedicated to them by the Scuola Buffo, and the make-up of the Truccatori del Drago.

And then again animation in the streets with the Memento Ridi, a small conference to discover the medicinal power of plants, an allegorical parade based on the three Dante chants, hell, purgatory and paradise, and a show that involves reading some passages from Dante’s works.


Gunbi Festival 2019

For the party of the Gunbi of Toirano the 32nd edition has arrived that will start from 9 August and will continue until 11. It is a food and wine festival where the protagonist is undoubtedly the good food, with traditional Ligurian dishes located in three specific points which are associated with three different cuisines: the meat-based one, located in the Parco del Marchese, the of fish in Le Giaire, the vegetarian one in Piazza Rosciano.

Do not miss the handicraft stalls of the Mostra Mercato where you can buy bijoux, clothes, wooden objects, and much more. The street artists enliven the streets of the village with their music where people pour out to taste the gastronomic specialties like farinata, panissa, bruschette, pan-fried.  



In Salea, in the province of Albenga, from August 13th to 18th, the 52nd edition of Sagralea is celebrated, the exhibition of Pigato wine and all the other Ligurian wines. This festival was born in 1968 thanks to the initiative of the then parish priest, who proposed to make an event to celebrate Pigato wine; since then the event has been extended and expanded year by year, enough to attract 60,000 visitors in just six days, with as many as 120 stands spread across the country. In short, Sagralea has become a real stop for all lovers of village festivals and good wine.

This year’s program includes dancing and musical evenings, show cooking, tastings and workshops that will take place every day from 7.00pm to midnight. We remind you that all activities are free.

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