Have you ever thought about evading the standard routine to dive in a marvelous and unspoiled setting, relaxating and having fun at the same time with an holiday adventure in the village?

That’s the proper idea for you: an offer for Sports and Adventure for your holiday in Liguria!

A vibrant and thrilling stay in Liguria, a new suggestion for an alternative break. And all of this doesn’t require previous commitment to long traning sessions or expansive equipment, because you’ll always be assisted by experienced guides and trainers.

You’ll get to choose from: Mountain Bike, Fat Bike, Climbing, Trekking, Sailing, Excursions inside the Caves.

Our sport packages

Our sport packages

Mountain Bike

The Pietra Ligure inland is the right place to spend a day cycling with friends, while tasting the ligurian cuisine and exploring the wonderful landscape. The Old Iron Road (Antica via del Ferro) is one of the finest example: a link built within the 1730 and 1860  to get the iron coming from the Elba isle to the Ironworks in Isallo.

It is viable through a ridge but it can be cycled up to Isallo, maybe to stop by and have an healthy snack.

From here, you can rise up to the Madonna della Guardia Sanctuary and descend to Pantaleo, from here a nice unpaved road crosses the valley and reaches Olle and then Verezzi in single track, that is also the essence of our territory MTB routes.

(Equipment rental at Emporio dello Sport on reservation (Bike+helmet) € 20)


A good example of trekking path in the area is the one to the Verezzi’s Cave and the following guided tour.

Once the visit of Verezzi has ended, passing through the quarry and the church of San Martino, you can go down in Borgata Piazza and have a look at the fabulous panorama.

After the aperitif/dinner and testing session in Piazza (Verezzi), the travel continues to Borgata Rivaro where a path leads to an old aqueduct, plunged in nature.


Half a day climbing a vertical cliff, but always followed and assisted by an expert alpine guide.
After the deployment at the bottom of the cliff, the climbing begins.

The return to base camp is before the end of the day.

The theoretical lesson is recommended to novices and perfectionist, it is based on the day’s itinerary and addresses the basics of rock climbing according to the principles featured by the Italian Alpine Guide and notions on rope maneuvers safety.

These are just mere examples of what it’s proposed by our sports packages, organized by qualified guides in multiple disciplines.

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