The antiques markets in Liguria in September

If you are a lover of weekly markets and you like to wander around in search of unusual objects, you should take advantage of the appointments with the antique markets! Here, in fact, you can take a real journey through time. Not just old books, tableware, and vintage clothes: a world of fascinating stories often lurks behind every stall!

In short, if you are fascinated by the ancient and think you have an eye for quality objects, even if covered by the patina of time, you cannot miss the antique markets in Liguria. In this article we will show you the most interesting ones planned for September.

The flea markets

Also commonly known as “flea”, for many antiques markets are just a place to find useless trinkets. In reality, they represent a romantic glimpse into the past, a sincere bond with our memories. Who has never been moved in front of a stall full of doilies, just like the ones that grandmother used to make? And who has never found himself smiling at the sight of a tin box destined to contain cookies or candies, bringing up to mind the sweetest moments of their childhood?

For many, the stalls of these markets only display objects far from modern taste, old-fashioned clothes, and books too yellowed to be read. However, even the most incredulous must admit that their charm is unique. For this reason, antiques markets have become a fixture for many people who just love to peek and get excited at the sight of a world that no longer exists.

The antiques markets in Liguria

Even in Liguria on several occasions it is possible to find markets that display objects from the past, goodies, and curiosities for connoisseurs, but also enjoyable by simple customers. We leave you some information on the most interesting events in September.

Genoa: Thursday 10 September

Every second Thursday of the month in Genoa, in via Galata, the New Antiques and Collectibles Market is held. An opportunity to immerse yourself in the vintage atmosphere, in one of the most beautiful cities in Italy!

Imperia: Friday 11, Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 September

This weekend, from 9.00 to 23.00, the third edition of Mercato Retrò (old-fashioned style) will be held in Imperia, which this year will take place in Calata Anselmi, at the Marina of Porto Maurizio. This special market was created with the intention of bringing together vintage enthusiasts through the exhibition of vintage cars and motorcycles, spare parts, accessories and gadgets.

Chiavari: Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 September

The Chiavari antiques market is one of the most anticipated events in the town of Tigullio. For more than thirty years, hundreds of exhibitors have been meeting on the second Sunday of the month and the Saturday preceding it, to exhibit their treasures from the past. Not only objects, furniture and modern antiques, but also postcards, maps, clothing; all inserted in a characteristic setting, between alleys and historic streets. Furthermore, on Sundays, some artists exhibit their works within the “Street artists” event.

Taggia: Sunday 20 September

Also in Taggia it will be possible to take a dip in the past with the small antiques market, in the former Mercato Coperto area, at the entrance to the town.

Pietra Ligure: Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 September

Pietrantico is the name of the antiques market held in Pietra Ligure on the last Sunday of the month and the Saturday before it, between the waterfront and the historic center. Here, too, the atmosphere is one of the most suggestive: a few steps from the sea, you can rummage through the most unusual objects, looking for the most suitable trinket for your home, or a truly original gift.

But the markets are not just a shopping opportunity. They are a way to discover the past closest to us, the one made up of yellowed photographs and everyday objects.

So why not take advantage of a visit to the antiques markets in Liguria, around our village in Loano?

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