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53rd Borgio Verezzi Theater Festival

Even this summer, like every year since 1967, the Theater Festival of Borgio Verezzi, one of the most important theatrical events of our country, is staged. From Saturday 6 July to Tuesday 20 August Piazza Sant’Agostino will become the perfect stage for eleven theatrical performances, with exclusive first national.

In a previous article, published last year on the occasion of the 52nd edition of the Borgio Verezzi Theater Festival, we told the story of its birth and evolution over the years.
Today we want to focus on the rich program, giving more space to the shows, true protagonists of this unmissable event.

We remind you that our Hotel & Residence Ai Pozzi Village in Loano is located just 11 km from the village of Verezzi, where the prestigious Festival is held and 7 km from Borgio Verezzi, from where the shuttle bus service that leads to the event starts.

Program of 2019

Band 4.0

Saturday 6 July / Preview at the Festival / National premiere
Directed by the Banda Osiris: Alessandro Berti, Gian Luigi Carlone, Roberto Carlone, Giancarlo Macrì; with the Banda Osiris

This show is a mix of songs, poems, music, popular and classical dances, different rhythms that blend together. The Banda Osiris traces the stages of their artistic evolution with an unusual but original association, without respecting the chronological order.

The good soul of Sezuan

Thursday 11, Friday 12, Saturday 13 July / National premiere
Work by Bertolt Brecht; Directed by Monica Guerritore; with Monica Guerritore and Matteo Cirillo, Alessandro Di Somma, Vincenzo Gambino, Francesco Godina, Diego Migeni and Lucilla Mininno

Three gods descend into the Chinese region of Sezuan in search of some good soul; they are divinities ready to recognize the virtues of men, so rare in a world where falsehood, wickedness, prevarication reign. They are sent to the home of Shen-te, a prostitute who is always ready to help others and is used to satisfying the needs of others. Shen-te is rewarded with a sum of money that allows her to open a tobacco shop, but everyone will try to take advantage of her.

What Bertolt Brecht asks himself and on which he invites his viewers to reflect is whether there can be room for goodness in this world. Seems apparently no, given that the protagonist had to resort to a disguise to defend herself and sometimes inadvertently caused harm to those she wanted to protect. Finally, asking for help from the gods was of no use since they are not allowed to intervene in the affairs of men.

The Legend of the Pianist on the Ocean

Sunday, July 14th / In collaboration with the Cervo Festival
Freely adapted from ‘Novecento’ by A. Baricco; directed by Luca Cicolella; with Igor Chierici and with the Atlantic Jazz Band: Greek Lauretta Galeno, Mario Martini, Emanuele Valente, Gianluca Fiorentino, Matteo Pinna, Renzo Luise Da Fano, Marco Vecchio

The story of Max, a trumpeter aboard ships, who in 1992 - on the Virginia transatlantic - meets Denny Boodman T.D. Lemon called Novecento, the greatest pianist I've ever played on the ocean. Between the two will be born a sincere friendship that, after the end of the war, will push Max to return to the ship to find his friend.

Sherlock Holmes and the crimes of Jack the Ripper

Wednesday 17 and Thursday 18 July
Work by Helen Salfas; directed by Ricard Reguant; with Giorgio Lupano, Francesco Bonomo, Rocío Munoz Morales and with Alarico Salaroli, Emanuela Guaiana, Giada Lorusso, Tommaso Minniti, Giulia Morgani, Emiliano Ottaviani, Stefano Quatrosi

In London, in 1888, public opinion was disturbed by a series of brutal crimes against prostitutes in the Whitechapel district. The inspector entrusts the investigation to the famous detective Sherlock Holmes, who with the help of his trusted Dr. Watson, will solve the case by bringing to light shocking truths.


Monday 22, Tuesday 23 July / National premiere
Work by Luigi Pirandello; adaptation and direction by Francesco Bellomo; with Sergio Assisi and with Enrico Guarneri, Roberta Giarrusso, Anna Malvica, Ileana Rigano

Liolà is a rural, cheerful and carefree Don Juan who, with his lifestyle, brings confusion to the country where he lives. All the girls in the village are in love with him, so much so that he had three children from three different women. But when he makes Tuzza pregnant, the matter gets complicated because she wants to deceive her uncle Simone, making him believe that her son is his and forcing him to drive out his wife Mita. But Liolà moved by his innate sense of justice, impoverished Mita, so Uncle Simone will prefer the legal authorship of his wife's son to the illegal one of Tuzza.

Hollywood Burger

Saturday 27, Sunday 28 July / National premiere
By Roberto Cavosi; directed by Pino Quartullo; with Enzo Iacchetti, Pino Quartullo and with Fausto Caroli
In an artist's canteen at Los Angeles Studios, Leon and Burt, two actors who have never lost hope of becoming Hollywood stars, trace the whole history of American cinema, which has become intertwined with their lives. They remember their misfortunes and misadventures, while they eat their hamburgers with greed and say they are of all colours. They are two good actors, but fate has never given them a chance: they have always been secondary interpreters of masterpieces of Hollywood cinema. The crescendo of hilarious anecdotes, tensions and revelations, will eventually result in a violent and absurd final.

D.E.O. former machine

Tuesday, July 30th / Special event
Directed by Giampiero Solaridi; by and with Antonio Cornacchione; collaboration with the texts Massimo Cirri
Antonio Cornacchione with his infectious irony, tells the true story of the Olivetti Electronics Division, from the point of view of the employee he once was. He then introduced us to great researchers who brought Italian electronics to compete in the world, such as Adriano Olivetti, Mariano Rumor and others.

The two twins ... Venetian

Saturday 3, Sunday 4, Monday 5 August / National premiere
From a work by Carlo Goldoni freely adapted by Natalino Balasso; directed by Jurij Ferrini; with Jurij Ferrini and with Francesco Gargiulo, Maria Rita Lo Destro, Federico Palumeri, Stefano Paradisi, Andrea Peron, Marta Zito

The story of Zanetto and his twin brother Tonino, a fascinating criminal. The two, who have not seen each other for ten years, find themselves by chance coincidence both in Verona, the first to marry the beautiful Rosaura, the second fleeing the law to find Beatrice. A series of fatalities and personal exchanges will give life to a fun game of misunderstandings.

If you have to tell a lie, tell a big one

Thursday 8, Friday 9, Saturday 10, Sunday 11 August / National premiere
By Ray Cooney (Italian version of Iaia Fiastri); original direction by Pietro Garinei, new staging by Gianluca Guidi; with Antonio Catania, Paola Quattrini, Gianluca Ramazzotti and with Nini Salerno and with Marco Cavallaro and Alessandro D’Ambrosi

Another hilarious comedy starring Undersecretary De Mitri who, as the guest of a luxury hotel, wants to invite Susanna, FAO secretary, for a date. To this end he convinces his Girini bag holder to organize a meeting, even though his wife Natalia is also present in the same hotel. But an identity error committed by Girini will start a series of situations based on misunderstandings, quarrels, funny jokes.


Monday 12th, Tuesday 13th, Wednesday 14th, Friday 16th August / National premiere at the Borgio Verezzi caves
Traveling show on pieces from the "Comedìa" by Dante Alighieri; directed by Silvio Eiraldi; with the actors of the Theater Company "Uno Sguardo dal Palcosceno" and the participation of Miriam Mesturino, Manuel Signorelli, Davide Diamanti

In the subsoil, a fairy-tale and colorful frame, we see Dante's journey, here in an astronaut / pilgrim version, in cosmic space. After the performances of the last editions of the Festival with Inferno and Purgatorio, the Divine Comedy project continues, ending with this show, which goes exceptionally to the Borgio Verezzi caves.

It is not true, but I believe it

Sunday 18, Monday 19, Tuesday 20 August / National premiere
Of Peppino De Filippo; directed by Leo Muscato; with Enzo Decaro and with (in o.a.) Giuseppe Brunetti, Francesca Ciardiello, Lucianna De Falco, Carlo Di Maio, Massimo Pagano, Gina Perna, Giorgio Pinto, Ciro Ruoppo, Fabiana Russo

The Festival concludes with a last show that will make the audience laugh a lot, thanks to a game of misunderstandings and paradoxes. The commendator Savastano is the rich owner of a factory but he is very superstitious, to the point of conditioning his own life and that of others based on the interpretation of omens. For this reason, he keeps his wife and daughter in the house and dismisses an employee of his, the accountant Malvurio, in the trunk, convinced that he is a jinx; replaces him with Alberto Sammaria, a nice young man with a showy hump.

Useful information

We remind you that every show will be held in Piazza Sant'Agostino at 9.30pm, except for the representation "Paradiso" at the caves of Borgio.

Ticket prices are different depending on the line:
• First sector (files from A to P inclusive): Full price ticket € 29; Reduced € 27 (over 65 / under 25)
• Second sector (file from Q to Y): Full price ticket € 26; Reduced € 24 (over 65 / under 25)
• Very discounted ticket € 15 for children up to 11 years
• Walls € 24 without distinction of sector
• Subscription to eight shows € 184
• Traveling event in the Borgio Caves single entry € 15
Because of the lack of parking, a shuttle bus service is provided

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